Leaders aren't born nor made

In PMP hat we are committed to develop project management leaders

 The best investment you can ever make is in yourself

~warren buffet

We designed an integrated program to prepare highly skilled  project management leaders who can compete in the market

PMP HAT Mission

We , pmp hat, is helping you to get The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification which is proof you have the skills to lead  projects for any organization, In any industry. Across the entire Middle East

In Plus we deliver essential competency program as bonus sessions with PMP exam prep course

We aim to prepare project Managers to get the knowledge & the needed competencies to  catch their dream job or promotion

Finally we Promise all our trainee to pass the PMP exam with above target

PMP HAT vision

Being a destination platform for project management leaders in any industry around the region

You, Getting Certified 

PMP Exam Fees

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